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Caribbean Journal of Education

Public Library Support Services for People with Disabilities in Three Libraries in Trinidad and Tobago: An Evaluative Case Study

Publication Date: 
October 2022

Libraries have a mandate to provide equal access to information for all; including people with disabilities. This study was conducted to determine the types of resources available for people with disabilities; identify what services were provided to people with disabilities; ascertain the suitability of facilities for people with disabilities; and determine if there were challenges that people with disabilities had in accessing services provided by public libraries in Trinidad and Tobago.
The libraries were found to have resources available in a variety of formats and assistive technologies; however, staff training for serving people with disabilities was inconsistent. Services for people who are blind included computer and braille classes which were done through collaborations with an organisation for people with disabilities. Only one of the libraries was fully accessible for wheelchair users and none of the libraries had sign language interpreters or braille signage available.

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