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Caribbean Journal of Education

The Classroom Teacher and the Standard Language

Publication Date: 
January 1983

Policies with regard to language in education in the Caribbean regionhave historically been formulated on the basis of considerations not necessarily related to the linguistic realities of the speech communities of the region. In the last two decades however political change and increased linguistic information have allowed adjustments to be made so that curricula might try to reflect to some extent goals that will satisfy the needs of the populations for which they were designed. Language choice in educational planning has become the subject of much recent debate (at least at the academic level), as the creoles, the languages of the majority of the people, and the standard languages, the official languages of the territories, seek to define their places in the educational processes to which young people are exposed. Experiments with teaching in the creoles in the Dutch Antilles and in Haiti and discussions with regard to similar experiments in St. Lucia are examples of the re-examination of positions inherited by the systems of education.

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