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Caribbean Journal of Education

"American Dissertations on Foreign Education: A bibliography with abstracts". The Whitsun Publishing Co., 1977 (Vol. IX); 1979 (Vol. 10)

Publication Date: 
January 1983

Recent additions to the series of bibliographies entitled American Dissertations on Foreign Education deal with Central and South America and the Caribbean. The compilers indicate that these volumes bring together in abstract form “all locatable doctoral dissertations completed in the United States and Canada…on public and private education at all school levels on all school subjects.” The years covered in the volumes are not specified, but entries on the Caribbean span the period from 1950 to the mid 1970s. Volume IX deals with South America, thus including Guyana; Volume X deals with Central America, thus including all the other Caribbean territories. A drawback is that entries are listed alphabetically by author surname, and there is no classification other than in the index. It is therefore rather time-consuming to search for the existence of doctoral work done on any particular topic for a given territory.
This note offers a classification of the 47 dissertations included in these two volumes which deal with aspects of Education (in the broadest sense) in Commonwealth Caribbean territories. The basis of the classification is the summary information on each dissertation given in its abstract (which is from one to eight pages in length) as well as the dissertation title. In addition to the 47 classified below, there were several other entries in these volumes on Commonwealth Caribbean countries but these were concerned with subjects not normally regarded as part of Education (such as Linguistics and Anthropology). They were therefore excluded from the reviewer's classification.

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