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Caribbean Journal of Education

Language Arts Teachers Pioneering the Implementation of an Alternative Pathway to Secondary Education Curriculum in Jamaica

Publication Date: 
September 2023

This paper explores teachers’ experiences in implementing the Language Arts Alternative Pathway to Secondary Education (APSE) curriculum in a rural high school and the factors which influenced its implementation. The study employed a qualitative case study research design. Semi-structured interviews, observations of participants, and document analysis were used to gather data from six purposefully selected members of the Language and Literacy Department. The collected data were analysed using content analysis. The findings showed that teachers have varied experiences while practicing differentiated instruction during the implementation of the curriculum. The findings also revealed that teachers encountered challenges such as inadequate training, limited resources, and felt they had poor orientation to the curriculum—which led to uncertainty. Recommendations are made regarding how curriculum reforms should be introduced in schools and the role teachers should play in the implementation of any curriculum reform.

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