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Caribbean Journal of Education

Assessing the Cultural Relevance of INSIGHTS for Jamaica

Publication Date: 
April 2016

This paper describes the process undertaken to assess the cultural resonance and dissonance of INSIGHTS into Children’s Temperament in preparation for adapting the intervention for dissemination in Jamaica. INSIGHTS is an evidence-based intervention that enhances the social emotional development of young children and the behaviour management skills of their teachers and parents. To obtain stakeholders perspectives regarding an adaptation, 32 Jamaican educators atended a two-day INSIGHTS workshop conducted by the developer of the intervention. At the conclusion, the educators were asked to evaluate whether INSIGHTS resonated with Jamaican cultural values and beliefs. A thematic analysis of their verbal and writen comments showed that the core components of the intervention resonate well with Jamaican culture. Additional comments provided suggestions on how to make the intervention more accessible and appealing for Jamaican audiences. Recommendations included re-filming the intervention’s videos at local schools and capturing the specific challenges faced by Jamaican teachers and children. A nine-month follow-up survey indicated that educators reaffirmed their initial assessment of the intervention.

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