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Caribbean Journal of Education

The Impact of a Knowledge of Media and Information Literacy on the Personal and Ethical Decisions of a Selected Group of College Graduates in Jamaica

Publication Date: 
October 2020

Through the use of qualitative inquiry, this study seeks to discuss the findings of the impact of a knowledge of media and information literacy (MIL) on the personal and ethical decisions of a select group of college graduates in Jamaica. The study is undergirded by Alagaran’s Explore, Engage, and Empower Model of MIL and sought to investigate the media and information literacy knowledge level that exists among college graduates, to determine how knowledge of MIL affects their ethical decisions and the impact it has on their daily life choices. Findings indicate that participants were generally familiar with the composite term “media and information literacy”. Their responses reflect adherence to MIL principles geared towards making ethical choices in their use of information and indicate that a knowledge of media and information literacy is important in the personal decision making of college graduates in Jamaica.

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