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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

The Relationship Between Adolescent Aggression, Parenting Style and Family Structure in Urban Inner City Jamaica

Publication Date: 
December 2017

The research sought to determine the relationship between adolescent aggression, parenting style and family union. The sample consisted of 200 students attending technical high, newly upgraded high and traditional high schools within an urban inner city community located in the Kingston Metropolitan Region. The participants responded to a questionnaire that addressed their behaviour, behaviour directed towards them, their relationship with their parents, their parents show of affection towards them, the parenting style of their parents and the family structure in which they lived. The research employed a correlational method using the level of significance (p < .05). The results showed that there were more female headed households, but in single parent households fathers visited their children more frequently than mothers. Authoritative approach was the parenting style most employed, as reflected in the positive relationship between parents’ parenting style and students’ relationships with parents. In addition, students from upgraded and technical high school reported always having positive relationships with their parents. Adolescents whose mothers and fathers visited once per week and on holidays were more likely to be victims of aggression. Interestingly also, female adolescents displayed more aggression than their male counterparts.

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