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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Mediasite as an Asynchronous Student Support Tool: Using Lecture Capture Systems such as Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite to Support Student Learning Outside of the Classroom

Publication Date: 
December 2017

Lecture Capture Systems such as Sonic Foundry’s Mediasite have become a focal point for administrators and they have quickly become a tangible means of delivering content asynchronously to support student learning outside of the classroom. This action research study discusses the findings and lessons learnt from the first phase of a semester-long pilot of a partially flipped mode of instruction at a tertiary level institution in Trinidad and Tobago. The paper addresses the use of Mediasite as a tool to facilitate the creation, management, and delivery of content to students within a flipped mode of instruction. This paper highlights the methods used by researchers to harness the robust analytics capability of Mediasite to monitor, measure, and impact on individual student learning. Key findings showed that the majority of the respondents agreed that the flipped mode of delivery improved their learning of social research methods, positively supported their learning, and increased their confidence with the course material. The majority of the respondents also noted that the flipped mode of delivery allowed them to pace themselves throughout the delivery of the course, thereby exercising greater control over the information. The impact of using data from analytics to affect future interaction and instruction is discussed, along with students’ increasing demand to access content anywhere, anytime and on any device. It is this ongoing ability to teach and learn that has had direct impact on student engagement, student retention, and student success.

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