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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean


Publication Date: 
April 2018

In an effort to capture some of the outstanding thinking that occurred during the 2017 UWI Schools of Education Biennial meeting, the Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean invited conference presenters to submit to a special issue of JEDIC related to the theme of Envisioning Future Education: Cross-Disciplinary Synergy, Imperatives and Perspectives. We, Drs. Frank Tuitt, Raquel Wright-Mair, Kayon Morgan and PhD candidate Amanda Thomas were invited to serve as guest editors. Having attended the 2017 Biennial Conference and experienced firsthand the transformative work that was featured at the meeting, we gladly accepted the invitation. Moreover, our connection to this important work was not just an intellectual endeavor, as all of us share a deep emotional affection and kinship with the Caribbean. For the four of us from the University of Denver, the conference and this JEDIC special issue provided an opportunity to connect our academic pursuits with the Caribbean DNA that runs through our veins. Hailing from Jamaica (Wright-Mair & Morgan), Trinidad (Thomas) and Antigua/Guyana by way of London (Tuitt), the opportunity to contribute to a special issue focused on educational development in the Caribbean felt like a perfectly wrapped gift for which we are extremely grateful.

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