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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Monitoring the Implementation of the Schools Positive Behaviour Management Programme (SPBMP) in Barbados

Publication Date: 
April 2018

The purpose of the research was to monitor the roll out of the Schools Positive Behaviour Management Programme (SPBMP), an approach which emphasises the reinforcement of positive behavioural norms as a means of building student-centred school environments. At each of the 16 schools (10 primary, 6 secondary) in the sample, data were collected from five sources: surveys with a sample of teachers, one-on-one interviews with principals and School Focal Points (SFPs), a school audit, and classroom observations. The findings revealed that the stakeholders perceived their schools as reflecting SPBMP best practices particularly in the areas of having welcoming and supportive school environments. Most stakeholders reported that student councils were established in the schools, however many of them were not actively involved in school-wide decision making. In the majority of schools, stakeholders reported use of positive behaviour management strategies, such as referral systems for inappropriate behaviour, documented codes of conduct, and use of non-physical methods of punishment. One main recommendation was for schools to promote greater levels of student and parent participation in decision making particularly at the curricular and administrative levels.

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