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Journal of Education and Development in the Caribbean

Challenges of the ROSE Curriculum: Narrowing the Gaps Among Secondary Schools in Jamaica

Publication Date: 
December 1998

This paper reports on an investigation involving grade 7 students from three different types of secondary schools in Jamaica, using the ROSE integrated science curriculum. The relationships between school type and grade 7 students' knowledge of science content, acquisition of science process skills and attitude to science are presented and discussed. The study showed that there were significant relationships between school type and students' performance in all three areas on both the pre-tests and post-tests. Students from the traditional high schools performed the best on knowledge of science content and acquisition of science process skills while the students from the comprehensive high schools displayed the most positive attitudes to science on the post-tests. Students from the junior high schools performed the worst on all three tests. The implications of these findings as they relate to teacher training, school facilities and students' abilities are discussed. 

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