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Director's Message

This is The University of the West Indies, Mona – Western Jamaica Campus (WJC) located in the ever exciting and dynamic city of Montego Bay, Jamaica.

It has been ten years since the establishment of the UWI Mona-WJC in the Western region of Jamaica. This campus is a direct response to the increasing demand for and access to quality higher educational opportunities across the region.

At the UWI Mona – Western Jamaica campus we offer an experience that is consistent with the excellence for which the UWI is internationally recognized. Our commitment to the mission of changing lives and transforming communities is unconditional. We hold dear the core values of our University – Student centredness, Diversity, Integrity, Excellence and Gender-justice – as the bedrock upon which we will continue to build and promote a culture of student success. 

The UWI tradition of excellence in academics, creativity in student-leadership, innovation in research, and impact in community outreach are guarded with pride at WJC. The overall development of our students in an intellectually engaging, socially stimulating, culturally dynamic, and collectively empowering teaching and learning environment is unwavering. Our students not only become graduates of choice, but change makers of significance in their communities. 

Since our establishment in 2008, we have endeavored to build partnerships at both the corporate and community levels, across the civic, public and educational sectors, and in critical industries that positively impact our city of Montego Bay and the wider Western region. 

Our student leaders have gone on to make a mark on local and world stages. For example, the 2016, 2017 and 2018 Lasco-NAJ Nursing Student of the Year all hail from the UWI School of Nursing at WJC. Our performances in digital media design and production competitions are consistently top ranked, and our debaters have consistently outperformed others in the world championships. 

All this, while producing three valedictorians at the Mona ceremonies in the last five years, several top scholarships to graduate programmes locally and internationally, and leading critical research in crime, culture, governance, and mental health. These are examples of the high standards set and met by our faculty and support staff and the quality of the UWI Mona-WJC experience. 

I welcome you therefore both as a critical partner in the maintenance of academic excellence and as an active stakeholder in the sustainable development of our city of Montego Bay. I welcome you to the UWI Mona – Western Jamaica campus, where student success is our culture, respect and love are our guide, and the higher education experience is phenomenal. 

This is UWI Mona- WJC, the light rising in and for the West.



Campus Director

UWI, Mona – Western Jamaica Campus



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