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Director's Message

Welcome to The University of the West Indies, Mona – Western Jamaica Campus (WJC) located in the exciting and historic city of Montego Bay, Jamaica. 

Here at the UWI Mona-WJC, a higher education experience grounded in the UWI tradition of excellence is yours for the making. Indeed, we are ready to help you unleash your full potential as a creative, innovative and forward thinking citizen of the world and in an environment where student success is the overriding motivation. Montego Bay is a dynamic city. It sits at the epicenter of an economic transformation that is linked to an expanding knowledge management industry, a projected resurgence in agriculture, and new and exciting product development in the hospitality and financial industries. Of course, at the core of these exciting possibilities is tourism, for which Montego Bay is the acknowledged headquarters. This academic year will also mark the tenth year since the establishment of the UWI Mona-WJC in the city of Montego Bay. You are therefore engaging with us at a very exciting time in the evolution of western Jamaica.

The development of a culturally, socially, and environmentally responsive human capital is critical to the transformation of our communities. Universities worldwide have always played a significant part in the evolution of any great city; and we at WJC are committed to fulfilling our developmental role as best we can. We invite you to join us on the mission and journey to change lives and transform communities. It is our destiny to make the world a better place for ourselves and those who will come after us, and so we welcome you both as students and as critical partners in that transformation process.

As a UWI, Mona-WJC student and partner, you will experience what it means to be empowered critical thinkers, break-out innovators, transformative leaders, and confident human beings ready to make your mark in a globally competitive world. The academic programmes and courses are consistently true to the tradition of academic excellence for which the UWI Mona is celebrated internationally. Our social and cultural programmes are studentdriven and undergirded by a strong ethos of student success, community outreach, and enterprise. 

Our commitment to the overall development of our students in an intellectually engaging, socially stimulating, culturally dynamic, and collectively empowering teaching and learning environment is unwavering. As you would expect, we take absolute pride in being responsive to the needs, talents and aspirations of the spirited and diverse personalities, interests, and communities that we serve. We seek to make Respect, Integrity, Excellence and Love more than core values. We seek to make these values everyday practice. In other words, at WJC we keep it RIEL. UWI Mona – Western Jamaica campus is the place to be your best. A thrilling and positively life-changing, productive, and success-driven experience awaits you! 

Welcome to the UWI Mona-WJC family.


Patrick W. Prendergast

Acting Director
Western Jamaica Campus

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