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All students of the University are aattached to a Hall of Residence. When applying for admission, students must indicate their preference for a particular Hall. Assignment to a Hall does not mean that a student is offered residence. Only full-time students of the University are eligible to apply for accommodation on Campus and only a small percentage of those applying can be housed.

On-campus accommodation is limited and in great demand Click here for application forms. Off-Campus accommodation may be arranged by contacting the:

Mona Campus

Lodgings Office

Tel (876) 977-3880

Halls of Residence

Mary Seacole Hall (All Female)

Chancellor Hall (All Male)

A. Z. Preston Hall (co-ed)

Irvine Hall (co-ed)

Taylor Hall (co-ed)

Rex Nettleford Hall (co-ed)

Elsa Leo Rhynie Hall (co-ed)

Marlene Hamilton Hall (co-ed)

ABC Hall

New Hall of Residence

Cave Hill Campus

Lodgings Officer, Office of Student Services

Tel: (234) 417-4578

Halls of Residence

Frank Worrell Hall (co-ed)

Sherlock Hall (co-ed)


St. Augustine Campus

Student Advisory Services

Tel: (868) 662-2002, ext 2096


Halls of Residence

Milner Hall (co-ed)

Trinity Hall (All Female)

Canada Hall (All Male)


For more information please go to theOffice of Student Services and Development

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