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Student Accomodation

The University offers a range of housing solutions to full-time students. Each full-time student is assigned to a Hall of Residence, however not every student who applies can be accommodated on a hall. Learn how staying in a hall of residence can enhance your experience at the Mona Campus

Halls of Residence on the Mona Campus

Each hall of residence is administered by a Student Services Manager who is assisted by Resident Advisors, a Hall Operations Supervisor and Service Staff. The resident hall community is a vital part of students’ learning experience and promotes and supports the mission of the University. The Halls provide students with a wide range of activities and programmes. Healthy competitions in sports, drama, debate and other related activities included.

Halls of Residence

AZ Preston Hall

A.Z. Preston Hall
Ext. 2411
Direct Line: 977-6721-3, 977-6808

Mary Seacole Hall

Mary Seacole Hall
Ext. 2454, 2483-4
Direct Line: 927-2546

Leslie Robinson Hall

Leslie Robinson Hall
(Operated by 138 Student Living Jamaica Limited
Ext. 0000
Direct Line: (876) 620-6881

Chancellor Hall

Chancellor Hall
Ext. 2387,2384
Direct Line: 927-7293-4

Taylor Hall

Taylor Hall
Ext. 2386, 2375-6
Direct Line: 927-2782-3

Elsa Leo Rhynie Hall

Elsa Leo Rhynie Hall
Ext. 7933 
Direct Line: 977-0126

Irvine Hall

Irvine Hall
Ext. 2434, 2347, 2443
Direct Line: 927-2793-4

Rex Nettleford Hall

Rex Nettleford Hall
Ext. 2130-6
Direct Line: 935-8130-6

Marlene Hamilton Hall

Marlene Hamilton Hall
Ext. 7995 
Direct Line: 977-5620

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Fax: (876) 927-2765

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