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Applying for an Undergraduate Status Letter

Status letters are used to verify a student’s enrolment status at the University to a third party. The UWI-Mona offers two (2) types of services for the preparation of our Undergraduate Status letters – Express and Standard (Normal) – which you may choose from depending on your particular need.


Letter PreparationNo. of Business Days Required for PreparationCost per Letter
Standard (Normal) 5 J$500
Express 3 J$1,000


Please note that each copy of a Status letter requires a separate request.


How to Apply for a Status Letter

  1. Click the link here
  2. Log-in using your UWI identification number and UWI domain password
  3. Select ‘Forms’
  4. Select ‘Admissions Status Letter’
  5. Complete the application form
  6. Submit your application

Upon submitting your application a confirmation email will be sent to your UWI email address with instructions pertaining to payment as well as the date of collection.

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