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Transfer Applicants

How do I change my faculty or campus of registration?

Inter-Faculty Transfers are requested online. Students should follow these instructions:

Inter-Faculty Transfer

  1. Check your eligibility. Have you completed year one of your current programme? if so you are ready for transfer.
  2. Download the Transfer Application Form. Complete the forms in DUPLICATE.
  3. Return the forms to the Student Affairs, Admissions Section with your current academic record
  4. Note deadline dates for submmission on the Application Form

Click Here to Download Transfer applications form


Intra-Campus Transfer

Persons who are interested in transferring from the Mona Campus to one of the other UWI Campuses would need to complete the Transfer Form in DUPLICATE which can be found online. Here is the URL Transfer Application Form


Upon completion of the forms, the student should take them to the Dean of the Faculty in which he/she is presently enrolled to get the necessary authorization. The forms should then be returned to the Admissions Section where they will be sent to the relevant Campuses.


Please be advised that persons presently enrolled in other Universities or Colleges can only transfer to the Mona Campus if there is an Articulation Agreement in place. If this is not applicable, persons wanting to transfer would have to submit an application as a new student. An official transcript should be sent directly to the Admissions Section which will allow the Faculty to which he/she has applied to make a complete assessment. If the student is admitted, course exemptions may be granted based on the similarity of the courses successfully completed at the previous institution and the ones offered at the Mona Campus. Course exemptions are requested online using the Automated Student Request System (ASRS).



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