Accounting and Financial Reporting Division


Welcome to the Accounting and Financial Reporting Division of the Bursary.

This Division comprises over twelve units correlating together, and with the other Divisions, aim to create the ideal accounting environment of the University. Being the engine of maximum performance and the core of the Bursary's operations, we hold high the mission of the Bursary in providing relevant, accurate and timely financial information and services to all stakeholders.

We recognize that we are on the path of constantly improving our systems as assisted by better technology, know how and the indwelling power of God through whom we believe that all things are possible.

The Accounting and Financial Reporting Division is committed to forging new frontiers in all areas, through Purchases, General Stores, Accounts Payables, Student Receivables, Staff Receivables, Other Receivables, Payroll, Staff Benefits & Pension, Special Projects, Commercial Operations, Fixed Assets, Bank Reconciliation, and Financial Reporting & Analysis. The strategy has been, in part, to focus on the end product of reporting, as the performance of all Units can be measured by the inputs or contributions they make to the main output of the Bursary. The Managers of each Unit are dependent and congruent in their efforts to address deficiencies in order to improve efficiencies, and contribute without any short cuts to all the outputs of the Bursary. Significant among all achievements has been the early timescale of the annual audit exercise and its completion.

Enjoy the tour; meet us wherever you are. We are open to suggestions, comments and any contributions you are incline to make. Please contact us.

Thank You.