Customer Service and Treasury Management Division

Support Services (Customer Services) and Treasury Management Division

The Support Services/ Treasury Management Division comprises:-

  • Support Services, whose objective is to ensure that the highest level of service is offered to all customers of the Bursary.
  • Treasury & Investments, whose main objective is to ensure that the University's financial resources are effectively managed, and that its assets are adequately insured.
  • To achieve these ojectives, we provide exceptional customer

service coverage in the designated areas, and seek to respond to enquiries on a timely basis. The Division will also seek to secure maximum yield on funds invested and secure the most competitive rates for insured assets.
Integral to the success of Treasury Management is the effective reduction of expenditure through cost containment and operational efficiencies.

Support Services (Customer Service)

Support Services is designed as the primary contact point for all customers of the Bursary,

  • providing accommodation for the entry of all cheque payment documents, including all cheque requisition vouchers, purchase requisitions and invoices.
  • dealing with queries relating to the processing of documents and the production of cheques.