Accounts Payable

The Accounts Payable unit is responsible for the timely processing of payments for:

  • Students
  • Local & Foreign Suppliers
  • Non salary related payment to members of staff

The unit is also responsible for the reconciliation of Supplier Statements.

Invoices for payment could fall in one of the following two categories:
Direct Pay, or
Purchase Order related

Direct Pay
Direct payments include to following

a) Payment to students such as:-

  • Scholarship
  • Prizes
  • Departmental grants
  • Refund of tuition fees
  • Financial assistance
  • Time sheets

b) Payment to members of staff:-Imprest

  • Accountable advances
  • Refund for items purchased on behalf of the University of the West Indies. (This is not encouraged, as the general consumption tax (GCT) is non refundable.

Purchase Order Payments

Engaging local and foreign suppliers for goods and services will require a Purchase Order to be generated (see Purchases link).

Payment to local and foreign suppliers is mainly for the following:

  • Equipment
  • Office supplies
  • Laboratory supplies
  • Maintenance
  • Profession services
  • Utilities

Documents required for the processing of payment

The main document required for the processing of payment is an INVOICE.

The invoice should be Certified for Payment by the Head of Department or his/her designate.

The entity to be charged should be clearly stated. This means the accounting distribution, that is, the fund, organization, account and programme should be stated on invoice or on an attachment which referenced the invoice.

Purchase Order related payments should have the goods received copy of the Purchase Order attached to the invoice.

Sometimes local and foreign suppliers require a prepayment before the goods are services are delivered. In this case a Performa Certified for Payment by the Head of Department or his/her designate is required.

Reimbursement would require the submission of invoices/receipts clearing showing the amount paid.

Time Sheets should clearly state student’s name & ID #, date of days worked, hours worked, rate per hour and amount. Time Sheets should be Certified for Payment by the Head of Department or his/her designate.

Routing of certified invoices

Invoices for payment are routed to the Accounts Payable unit via the following units:-

  • Internal Services
  • Purchases
  • Billings & Receivables
  • Staff Benefits (90% of processing complete)
  • Student Financing (90% of processing complete)
  • Payroll (90% of processing complete)

Payment Methods

  • Direct deposit/Electronic Transfer of Funds (payment made to payee's bank account
  • Cheque
  • Wire transfer

Turn Around Time

Payments are processed in batches and batches are done daily. The turn around time for the processing of payments is 48 hours after receipt of certified invoices.