Billings and Receivables

Vision Statement & Mission

 The UWI, Mona, Bursary will efficiently manage the financial affairs of the Campus through the effective application of technology and innovation - embracing service excellence and exhibiting resilience in a dynamic environment. Our team is:

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This Billings& Receivables unit was established in 1997 out of recognition of the need to manage and monitor receivables from students and other stakeholders to the University. The Unit is responsible for the billing and collection of revenue for the University as it pertains to the student and recovery of expenditure of funds for inter- and intra-departmental services and other commercial operations on the Mona campus. Beyond this primary role, our function is extended in terms of the impact we bring to enhancing the cash flow of the University.

The Billings & Receivables Unit has a manager as the head of the section. There is an assistant manager and a supervisor and six other members of staff. Student assistance is sought from time to time to help with filing and other task as assigned by the supervisor. In order to carry out some of our daily functions, we require information from departments both within the Bursary and externally. Within the bursary we interact at varying levels with several sections in the execution of our role. These sections include the following:

  • Accounts Payable (AP)
  • Purchasing Unit
  • Bank Reconciliation (BR)
  • Finance & Reports (FR)
  • Salaries (Payroll)
  • Staff Benefits & Pensions
  • Special Projects (SP)
  • Treasury Management & Cashiers (TMC)

Outside of the bursary, and within the University, we interact with the following departments or sections:

  • The Office of Finance (OoF)
  • The Registry, which includes Admissions (ADM), Examinations (EXAM), Graduate Studies & Research (GSR), Office of Student Finances (OSF), Personnel, Industrial Relations & Training (PIR&T) and Student Records Unit (SRU)
  • The Mona Information Technology Services (MITS)

The departments in the recovery of funds for inter-departmental services and utilities.

Our operations are fully aligned with the vision of the Bursary and we are always seeking ways to improve on the quality of work in the Unit. The information received from the various sections significantly impacts the processes of the Billings Unit. It helps staff members to carry out their duties as required in the function of the specific desk. There is an officer who is responsible for the Faculty of Medical Sciences. There is a separate officer with responsibility for the Self-Financing programmes. The refund officer is charged with the responsibility of processing these requests and also departmental awards for the Faculty of Science & Technology and Humanities & Education. Another officer collates reports and coordinates systems check and another loads SLB, scholarships and grant. The collections officer deals with other billings, that is, utilities and payment agencies.

The Unit is not only reliant on the information received from various departments, but there is a set of systems that are vital to the process. Bullet point three of the Mission Statement exemplifies the strides we have made in the services we offer to our clients (chief among them is the students), and have put in place the requisite systems to get the job done. The functions of the Billings & Receivables are performed using a combination of the following systems/sub-systems:

  • Banner Student System
  • Banner Adhoc
  • Bursary Online Student System (BOSS)
  • Student Administrative System (SAS)
  • Student Invoicing System (SIS)
  • Bcol – Exchange

These systems allow for the timely dissemination of financial information that allows us to effectively monitor financial resources and offer sound advice.


You can contact us at (876) 935-8884-9 or email Ruel Nelson - Manager at .