Billings and Receivables(B & R)

This Unit was established in 1997 in recognition of the need to manage and monitor receivables from students and other stakeholders. 

The Billings and Receivables Unit in the Bursary is responsible for billing students and collecting from stakeholders on a timely basis.  It provides accurate statement and accounts for students as well as on campus clients.  Students receive an electronic invoice or statement to see what they have been charged and what they have paid.  Our stakeholders include students, employees, donor, the Students' Loan Bureau, the governments of the contributing territories. 

For students, we bill for tuition, miscellaneous fees, and residence fees.  Students have many options to pay fees such as online at our e-commerce gateway (by credit card), National Commercial Bank, Paymaster limited, Bill Express, at the UWI Credit Union and UWI Bursary Cashier.  Students are not required to bring physical proof of payment, but are encouraged to check their account online to see if the payments have been updated.  

The Billings and receivables unit processes payments and refunds for students.  Our service extends even to the western campus of the UWI in Montego Bay.

In recognizing the differing needs of students, we know some students may experience difficulties from time to time.  As such, we encourage students to communicate difficulties to us early and set up a payment plan.  This can be done online using the BOSS website.  

We are also responsible for collecting utility charges such as electricity, water and telephone from our on-campus customer.  These include the various restaurants and financial institutions on campus. 

We provide letters and statements to students and donors.  In addition, we tactfully and with sensitivity communicate to students who owe via mail, telephone, email and text messaging.  Over the last three to five years, independent surveys have shown a sharp increase in the levels of service provided to students and other stake holders.  This is large due to a thrust to automate and re-engineer many of our business processes.  One of the ways we have improved service to our client is the implementation of the Bursary Online Student System (BOSS).  Among other things, BOSS allows students to:

  • receive payments/refunds
  • request and receive fee letters
  • see and print Statements of accounts
  • request for waiver of late fees
  • request extension of payment date or special arrangement
  • pay fees online
  • check SLB status
  • download NCB reference form
  • apply for direct deposit set-up (For payments to go to your bank account)
  • submit SLB Grant-in-aid agreement
  • apply for SLB Grant refund
  • access FAQ and answers
  • access bursary Exchange rate for the week

We have a good and long relationship with many donors.  Once the donor have committed to pay a student's tuition, a receivable is raised with that donor and collected from that donor. 
Once a student have been approved by the Students Loan Bureau; that is the processing status is at D status then the student is credited and the monies collected from SLB.

All tuition, miscellaneous and hall fees will be due and payable at the start of each academic year but may opt to pay on a Semester basis.  Any student who fails to pay in full by the dates set for Semester I or II may be given Compulsory Leave of Absence.  This means that you may be required to sit out the semester and your courses will be dropped from the system.  Please check your account online regularly to ensure you are in good financial standing. 

The Billings and Receivables remains committed to the University vision and Mission Statement.

You can contact us at 935-8884-9 or email Ruel Nelson - Manager at .