Book Grants Refund

Book Grant Refunds For Academic Staff

  1. Staff member purchases books, teaching materials, journals, computer hardware and software for cash and retains receipts.
  2. Staff member pays for foreign subscription and retains proof of payment.
  3. Staff member completes Book Grant Claim Form and attaches related receipts.
  4. Claim Form along with receipts are submitted to the Customer Service Unit of the Bursary.
  5. The Claim Form is sent to this Unit for processing and entry in BANNER system.
  6. It is the sent to Payables Unit for preparation of the cheque.

Grants for books and other Professional materials Rules

  1. Members may use this Grant to purchase teaching, educational or professional development materials and supplies. (These may include but are not necessarily limited to the following: Books  periodicals, photocopies, audio-visual materials, computer hardware and software). This Grant may also be used to cover membership fees to learned/professional societies and pay subscription fees for access to print and electronic media.
  2. Persons on contract for less than one year, but at least for one semester, are entitled to receive 50% of the Book Grant. (Persons on contracts of between one and three years are covered by Rule 72(e) of Rules for academic and Senior Administrative Staff)
  3. Persons on Assisted Leave are entitled to the full Grant for the year of leave if they have not been replaced, or if their duties are being carried out by persons who are already entitled to the Grant in their substantive posts. In circumstances where-the person on Assisted Leave has been replaced by someone on a contract of less than one year, (s)he may claim the portion of the Grant to which her/his replacement is not entitled.
  4. Member may accumulate the allowance indefinitely.
  5. Members should submit request for payment on the appropriate form along with itemized receipts and/or invoices. Where a proforma invoice is submitted, payment shall be made to the supplier.
  6. No portion of the Grant shall be provided in foreign exchange.
  7. Members of staff whose contracts with the UWI have been terminated for any reason other than retirement shall submit all claims for reimbursement no later than the date of separation from the University.
  8. Staff members going on retirement may use within one (1) year, the balance of the Grant credited to their account at the date of retirement.
  9. There is no limit as to the number of subscriptions that shall be funded from the Grant for each member within the WIGUT category.

Processing Time

Minimum of 5 working days