Customer Service

Support Services (Customer Service)
Support Services is designed as the primary contact point for all customers of the Bursary,providing accommodation for the entry of all cheque payment documents, including all cheque requisition vouchers, purchase requisitions and invoices. 
dealing with queries relating to the processing of documents and the production of cheques. 
  • Document Submission
  • ALL documents must be submitted directly to the Support Services Unit. 
  • ALL documents must be signed by the Head of Department or the designated Budget Holder Documents submitted between 8:30 a.m and 3:00 p.m. will leave the Support Services Unit for Budget approval on the same day. 
  • Documents submitted after 3:00 p.m. will be forwarded to the Budget Approval Unit during the following day.
Prior to submission of documents, please ensure that the undernoted guidelines are observed.
Purchase Requisition
Purchase Requisitions are used for : 
  1. Payments to all suppliers 
  2. Subscription payments 
Requests for payments to all companies must be submitted on a PR or entered online by an authorized budget holder supported by a pro-forma invoice/ quotation.
Where the work has already been completed, a certified invoice must accompany the PR.
No company payments will be processed on a cheque requisition voucher.
Payments relating to advertising must be accompanied by a copy of the advertisement.
Cheque Requisitions
Cheque Requisition Vouchers (CV) 
  1. Reimbursements 
  2. Requests must be accompanied by "proof of payment" e.g. original receipts.
    Where payment is effected with a credit card, the credit card payment slip along with the relevant invoice which should indicate the item purchased, must be submitted. If the credit card slip is not available, a copy of the credit card statement reflecting the payment, together with the invoice, can be submitted.
  3. Airfare Refund
  4. Requests must be accompanied by at least one of the following:- 
    Receipts from the travel agency 
    Paid Invoice 
    Ticket stub which must indicate the value of the ticket.
  5. Honorariums and Contributions 
  6. Requests must be supported by a letter from the Department. 
  7. Payments to individuals
  8. for work done must be submitted on a CV. 
  9. Payments to students
for work done in the department must be submitted on a timesheet. The timesheet must indicate:- 
  • Date 
  • Rate 
  • Time worked. Click for a specimen of a timesheet.
All cheque requisition vouchers submitted must be accompanied by the relevant supporting documents.
Document Flow
On receipt of documents, the following steps are taken:-
  1. All documents submitted for processing are logged in. 
  2. All documents are checked to ensure that the correct supporting documents have been submitted. Only documents signed by authorized signatories will be processed. 
  3. Telephone contact will be made with Budget Holders in instances where documents presented are incomplete. 
Support Services (Customer Services) and Treasury Management Division
  • The Support Services/ Treasury Management Division comprises:-  Support Services, whose objective is to ensure that the highest level of service is offered to all customers of the Bursary. 
  • Treasury & Investments, whose main objective is to ensure that the University's financial resources are effectively managed, and that its assets are adequately insured. 
  • To achieve these ojectives, we provide exceptional customer service coverage in the designated areas, and seek to respond to enquiries on a timely basis.
  • The Division will also seek to secure maximum yield on funds invested and secure the most competitive rates for insured assets.
  • Integral to the success of Treasury Management is the effective reduction of expenditure through cost containment and operational efficiencies.