Customer Service - Queries

Customer Service representatives are equipped to give proper advice and relevant information.
All customers should go to or call Customer Service for answers to queries relating to the processing of documents and the production of cheques.
Student Queries
Awards/ Bursaries.
All Students who are beneficiaries of Bursaries, Scholarships and other Awards must contact the Customer Service Unit to arrange for disbursement.
Copies of receipts, where applicable, together with relevant correspondence must be presented. Students applying for awards should contact the Outreach and Awards section of the Admissions department.

Requests must be accompanied by "proof of payment" e.g. original receipts.

Students Loan Bureau (SLB)
For enquiries relating to SLB approvals go to
Where that website confirms Dean's Approval, Registrar's Approval and Bursary clearance, please contact Customer Service Unit for the status of the SLB cheque.

All other financial related queries should be directed to the Customer Service Unit.

Cheque Queries
For all cheque payment queries the following information must be provided: Document Number,
Date of submission of payment document.