Fixed Asset

  1. Assets acquired under the project are subject to the same controls as other University assets. The procurement procedure shall be according to the guidelines of the project document; where the project agreement is silent on the matter, the procurement guidelines of The University of the West Indies – Mona Campus shall be applied. Though project funded, the asset shall be recorded in the Fixed Asset  register in a section for this category.

  2. Special Projects assets are not to be used for personal use, and the Principal     Investigator must ensure that this does not happen. If the project does not have  specific guidelines on the use of the assets, then there shall be compliance with the regulations of the Campus fixed assets policy.

  3. When the project document does not give specific instructions as to disposal of the asset, such asset is to be taken over by the University at net book value.

  4. Vehicles acquired for Special Projects are also governed by the Motor Vehicle Policy of the Mona Campus.