1. Where expenditure is approved against specific revenue(s), the revenue(s) shall normally be received before incurring the expenditure.

  2. The Campus Bursar and relevant Department Head and/or Dean shall be responsible for advising the Finance and General Purposes Committee of any financial requirements that are not being complied with.
  3. The project agreement is an agreement between the University and the Donor/Funder. As such, the Campus is accountable to the Donor/Funder for how the funds are spent. The Deans in their capacity as Principal Budget Holders for the faculties shall, at their discretion, have access to any information pertaining to any project within the respective faculty.

  4. The Principal Investigator shall be responsible for reporting to the Head of the Department and Dean if there are any technical or other non-financial requirements that are not being met.The Dean shall decide on the materiality of the breach, and at his/ her discretion, decide if it warrants a submission to Finance and General Purposes Committee.