1. Where a project is operated on a basis of reimbursement of expenditure,reimbursement schedules must be submitted on a timely basis and reporting deadlines strictly adhered to.

  2. The Special Projects Unit shall ensure that all reports to Donors/Funders shall be prepared on a timely basis and copies sent to the Principal Investigator, Head of Department and Dean. Where requested, more frequent reports shall be supplied following consultation between the colleague(s) making the request and the relevant officers in the Bursary.

  3. At every meeting of the Mona Campus Finance and General Purposes Committee, a report on Special Projects approved from the time of the last meeting to the current meeting shall be presented by the Campus Principal.

  4. The Campus Bursar shall be responsible for the preparation of the financial  requirements of the Report to the donors/funders and for liaising with the relevant  departments to ensure that all reporting requirements are being complied with. On no account shall the Principal Investigator prepare and dispatch financial reports to Donors/Funders.

  5. At each year end, a summary of the financial aspects of all Special Projects shall be prepared by the Campus Bursar and presented to the auditors in accordance with year-end audit procedures.

  6. Year end audit procedures shall cover Special Projects with sampling being done to ensure that general ledger year end balances agree to balances per the project file. The sample must include projects over J$5M, and the reconciliation shall     be done at least three months prior to year end.