Staffing Procedures

  1. The Human Resources Management Division must be involved in the recruitment process for Special Projects staff.  As Principal Budget Holder, the Dean of the respective faculty shall be required to sign off on staff appointments to special projects.

  2. All requests, including salary costs for new hires, extension of contracts, etc. which are to be funded by special projects shall be routed by the Human Resources Management Division through the Bursary’s Special Projects Unit for verification that funds are available before employment contract letters are issued.

  3. All Special Project employment contracts must be vetted by the Principal  Investigator prior to finalization and issue.

  4. Salaries paid to staff members solely employed on Special Projects shall conform  to the approved salary scales of the University of the West Indies, Mona Campus, save in extraordinary circumstances.  In such cases, deviations must be approved by the Campus Bursar and the Principal. The total staff costs, including benefits, shall be charged to the project.

  5. The time projected to be spent on the project by a full time University employee must be agreed upfront with the Head of Department and Donor/Funder and noted in the project agreement. The Donor/Funder shall be made aware of the fact that if the University employee’s time on the project is in excess of two half days per week, the project must  reimburse the University for this excess time at the University’s salary rates. The Dean and the Head of Department must monitor the time constraint by ensuring that the teaching, administrative and research commitments are met. In a case where the University feels that the project should be executed but the Donor/Funder cannot or will not buy out the time of the investigator, the University reserves the option to allow the project to be funded, but to stand the cost of the replacement(s) needed by the Department.

  6. Where the time expended on the project is less than the two half days per   week, the full time University staff member is permitted to earn up to 30%  of their approved basic salary for work on the project (each year).  If, however, the Donor/Funder after being made fully aware of the time to be   spent on the project is willing to pay in excess of 30%, this will be permitted. When making a determination on the agreed time spent on projects in keeping with the University’s permitted time limit, the Principal Investigator’s time spent on other projects must be taken into account.

  7. When a full time University employee is seconded to a project, the person’s salary paid from the University Grants Committee budget is to be  suspended for the duration of the project.

  8. If a full time University staff member is also working on a Special Project, the Head of Department must ensure that the substantive University work is not in any way compromised by the time spent by the person on the project work.