Research at DBML

The DBML tradition of groundbreaking research that was typified by our predecessors’ quest to understand local coral reefs and improve fisheries is being continued by our present Director and scientific team. Applied projects that focus on coastal resource protection and management, improving marine habitat quality, the provision of alternate livelihoods or increase the productivity of desirable ecosystem components are being given research priority.

In early 2010, the Goreau Lab at DBML was renovated and now houses the Marine Invasive Species Laboratory and the Academic Office. The aim of the Marine Invasive Species Lab is to provide strong science to guide the invasive species management decisions of the Maritime Authority of Jamaica, National Environment and Planning Agency, Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, among other stakeholder groups. This scientific resource will not only serve Jamaica, but will be available for the wider Caribbean.

Recent Projects

Visiting Researchers

In addition to research carried out by associates of CMS, DBML hosts groups of scientists and students from universities worldwide, engaged either in research or in higher education. This activity, started with the founding of the laboratory, has resulted in DBML having an international reputation for excellence and expertise in coral reef biology and tropical coastal processes. The Discovery Bay reef is a classic and much cited example in the scientific literature on coral reefs. Since its inception, there have been over 700 publications based on work done in the coastal environment in the region.