Meet Our Staff

The Centre for Marine Sciences (CMS) forms part of the Department of Life Sciences and has responsibility for the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory, as well as the Caribbean Coastal Data Centre.


Dr. Mona Webber, Director
Prof. Mona Webber is a marine biologist and ecologist with over 25 years of experience in teaching and research out of the University of the West Indies Mona Campus. She is a Senior Lecturer whose research has focused on Zooplankton .... full profile»
Camilo Trench with mangrove Mr. Camilo Trench, Academic Coordinator
may be contacted for information on academic resources, research activities and opportunities, internships, boat use, diving and hyperbaric chamber operations; and assistance with coordinating your visit to DBML...full profile»
Mrs. Marcia Creary, Environmental Data Manager
is a marine scientist with over twenty years experience working on various aspects of the Jamaican marine and coastal environment... full profile»
Mr. Peter Gayle, Principal Scientific Officer
in addition to being co-manager of the DBML, is also the Safety Manager for Hyperbaric Chamber Operations handling treatment of SCUBA diving accidents... full profile»
Miss Pamela Housen, Administrative Officer
co-manages the operations of the DBML and is responsible for facility bookings as well as event planning and catering... full profile»
diver with coral Chief Scientific Officer
is involved with research operations, including outreach and community education, at DBML....more here»