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Mona Webber

Mona Webber

Centre for Marine Sciences
University of the West Indies, Mona Campus,
Kingston 7, JAMAICA
Tel: +1 876 935 8835-6
Fax: +1 876 977 1033 or

Prof. Mona Webber is a marine biologist and ecologist with over 25 years of experience in teaching and research out of the University of the West Indies Mona Campus. She is a Senior Lecturer whose research has focused on Zooplankton: their production, community structure and distribution, as well as their use as indicators of water quality. Prof. Webber has also conducted studies on mangrove habitats including an assessment of their biodiversity and the evaluation and development of appropriate of water quality indices. She has supervised over 30 graduate students and a large number of undergraduate research projects.

Research Areas

Her current research involves mangrove forests and associated lagoons found in the coastal areas of Jamaica. These, while of tremendous value, are perceived by many in the general population to be wastelands and mosquito-infested swamps. The result has been the removal of forests/trees or other destructive activities that contribute to the depletion of the mangrove wetland ecosystems.

Prof. Webber and her team of students have compiled and documented information on the biodiversity associated with mangrove areas and the essential role that mangrove ecosystems play in protecting coastlines, especially during natural disasters, and their valuable contribution to sustainable economic activities. Her research findings are made available to other scientists in over 30 peer reviewed journal articles and 22 conference presentations as well as 19 technical reports to Governmental and non-governmental organisations.

Mona Webber diving at DBML