Staff Profile

Peter Gayle

Peter Gayle

Principal Scientific Officer
Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory and Field Station
Queen's Highway, P.O. Box 35
Discovery Bay, St. Ann
Tel: +1 876 973 2241 or 973 2946
Fax: +1 876 973 3091
E-mail: or

Mr. Peter Gayle is the Principal Scientific Officer at the Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory as well as the Safety Manager for Hyperbaric Chamber Operations (involves the treatment of SCUBA diving accidents). He has responsibility for aspects of the Lab’s operation relating to Scientific Operations (research, teaching & outreach) and Facility Maintenance (buildings, machinery/equipment & boats).

As professional service, Mr. Peter Gayle is an Advisor to and Co-Chair of Diving Sub-Group of the Working Group on Fisheries Management and Related Matters of the National Council on Oceans and Coastal Zone Matters (2004 to present). In public service, he is a Lieutenant (s.g.)/Captain for Jamaica Defense Force Coast Guard (National Reserve) as a Diving & Weapons Officer, a member of Jamaica Institute of Environmental Professionals and is an Honorary Game Warden for NEPA (National Environmental Protection Agency).

Research Interests

Mr. Gayle has a M. Phil. where he studied the Ecology of deep fore-reef corals and is currently a Ph.D. candidate studying Reef Rehabilitation using coral gardening and artificial reef techniques. He has special competence in the fields of Tropical Marine & Fisheries Ecology, Coral Reef Monitoring, Environmental Impact Assessments, Geographic Information Systems, Integrated Coastal Zone Management, Technical (Nitrox & Mixed Gas) Deep Diving, Underwater Photography & Videography and Emergency Medical Technician.


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Selected Conference Presentations:

  1. Stennett, M., Quinn, N. J., Gayle, P. M. H., Bowden-Kirby, A. Enhancing coral habitat for the benefit of the tourist and subsistence fisheries.  Scientific Research Council Conference Kingston Jamaica 2004
  2. Gayle, P.M.H., Wilson-Kelly, P. & Green, S. Transplantation of Benthic Species as astrategy for mitigating the anthropogenic impacts of coastal development. Assoc. Marine Labs of the Caribbean Conference.  Trinidad. July 2003.
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  5. Gayle, P. M. H. and Sikora, M. – The Discovery Bay Marine Laboratory Caribbean Coastal   Marine Productivity Program (CARICOMP). Faculty of Pure & Applied Sciences UWI, Biannual Conference.

Technical Reports:

  1. Gayle, P.M.H. DBML comments on the Bahia Principe Resort Hotel Development, Pear Tree Bottom, St. Ann, Jamaica.  October 2005. 3pgs
  2. Gayle, P.M.H., Sikora, M. Report on the Fisheries Improvement Program – Limited Marketing Survey for the Commercial Disposal of Deep Water / Offshore Fish Catch.  2004. 14pgs.