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Mona Quality Management Team (Chair)

Campus Quality Management 

In order to provide support for the implementation of The UWI Strategic Plan for 2017-2022, which has been deemed the Triple A Strategy: Access, Alignment and Agility, the University’s Finance and General Purposes Committee approved The UWI Quality Policy. This policy provides a comprehensive conceptualization of “Quality” in the UWI context. In this regard “Quality” encompasses five interrelated dimensions: 

  1. fitness of purpose; 
  2. fitness for purpose; 
  3. value for money; 
  4. transformative development of students and staff; and 
  5. adherence to high standards, including internal and external customer service standards.

The implementation of the UWI Quality Policy is guided by The University’s Quality Management Team. On the Mona Campus this team is chaired by the Deputy Principal and referred to as the Mona Quality Management Team (MQMT).

To facilitate the reporting mechanism and sharing of information, an email address has been established to communicate and receive feedback from Campus stakeholders to the MQMT. To facilitate the reporting mechanism this email account will be managed by the Planning Officers in the Office of the Deputy Principal.

Mona Quality Management Team email address:

University Quality Management 

Visit The University’s Quality Policy website for information on The UWI Quality Policy:

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