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Office of Student Services and Development

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Deliberations for the establishment of an office responsible for the welfare and development needs of students began in the 1970s and came to fruition at the Mona Campus on August 1, 1989 under the leadership of Pro Vice Chancellor, Professor Leslie Robinson. 

It was felt that coordinated student services administration would provide direction and ensure control and development of services for students. The University, through this centralized office, would carry out its purpose with greater effectiveness and efficiency and encourage better student morale and identification with the University. 

The University accepted the validity of a holistic approach to student development and established the Office of Student Services and Development as a part of the necessary structure to ensure that welfare functions were properly developed and delivered. The University was therefore ensuring that students meet their primary goal of acquiring education and personal development to enable them to realize their potential and make meaningful contribution in their area of expertise for the development of the community, nation, and wider society.

The services include the following:

  • Student Accommodation (on and off campus)
  • Catering
  • Sports and Recreation
  • Social and Cultural
  • Careers and Placement 

The Office developed through several stages of improving and increasing the services and development programmes offered to students including the amalgamation of awards ceremonies; introduction of student development workshops and programmes among them Mentorship and Leadership; co-curricular credit courses; expansion of residential facilities; creation of the Commuting Students Lounge, and staff development through local and international professional organizations.

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