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Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie | 1996- 2002

Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie

During Professor Elsa Leo-Rhynie’s career in education at the University of the West Indies, she was appointed lecturer and Senior Lecturer in Educational Psychology at the School of Education between 1977 and 1987. She also served as Executive Director of the Institute of Management and Production between 1987 and 1992. Professor Leo-Rhynie was appointed the Regional Coordinator of the Centre for Gender and Development Studies in 1992 and remained in this post until 1996. Professor Leo-Rhynie is recognized as the first female to become both Deputy Principal (1996-2002) and Principal (2006-2007) of the University of the West Indies. In 2002, Professor Leo-Rhynie became Pro-Vice Chancellor and Chair of the Board of Undergraduate Studies. She was named Professor Emerita by the University of the West Indies following her retirement in 2007.

Throughout her career, Professor Leo-Rhynie’s has exhibited a strong commitment to public service in the field of education and has carried out extensive research in education, gender issues and training. She serves as a member of the Council of the University of Technology; was named chair of the Dudley Grant Memorial Trust (which focuses on improving early childhood education); and in 1999 she was appointed a Director of the GraceKennedy Foundation. Between 1993 and 1994 Professor Leo-Rhynie was appointed co-chair of the National Preparatory Commission responsible for producing Jamaica’s Report on the Status of Women for the 4th World Conference on Women, Beijing, China. In September 1996 she was appointed to the Privy Council of Jamaica. Professor Leo-Rhynie was awarded the national honour of Commander of the Order of Distinction in 2000.

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