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Assessment of Human and Material Resources Available for Primary Eye Care Delivery in Rural Communities of Southwestern Nigeria



Integration of primary eye-care (PEC) into the existing primary healthcare (PHC) system is efficient in reaching rural communities. Baseline assessment of human and material resources for primary eyecare delivery in a rural local government area of southwestern Nigeria with projected population of 126 625 was conducted. Data on number and cadre of all PHC facilities and health-workers were collected. All facilities were visited and materials required for basic PEC inspected. Forty-one (42.3%) community health extension workers, 42 (43.3%) health assistants, 3 (3.1%) community officers of health and 11 (11.2%) registered nurses administered PHC in 27 health facilities. No worker had training in PEC and none of the centres had all the materials for basic PEC delivery. Although procurement of materials and training of health-workers in basic PEC delivery is required, the healthcare facilities and workers currently available are adequate to commence integration of PEC into the PHC system.

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e-Published: 20 Sep, 2013
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