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Authors are not usually given free copies of their published articles. Upon acceptance of an article, the author is given the option of requesting reprints at a cost. The full text version of manuscripts online are only available to subscribers. However, complimentary copies may be given to authors in exceptional cases.

Each colour photo/figure costs US$50.00 and is a part of publication costs. A discount of 20% is applicable to four or more photos. Method of payment is either by cheque or credit card. 

The cost of mailing a hard copy of the Journal is US$23.00 inclusive of shipping and handling. On a related note, subscription for one year is US$175.00. Payment for either may be made by credit card, cheque, wire transfer or cash. Please let us know if you are still interested in receiving the hard copies and what method you will use to pay.

Published articles are available for purchase at a cost of US$25.00 per copy. Payment may be made by credit card or cheque. You are required to send in your credit/cheque information and indicate in writing when to proceed with the transaction. Once the transaction is processed, an electronic copy of your receipt and requested article will be e-mailed to you. 

Authors of papers accepted for publication in the West Indian Medical Journal must agree to transfer copyright to The University of the West Indies, publishers of the journal. This signifies transfer of rights for print or electronic publication, production reprints, facsimile, microfilm or microfiche.

Annual subscription to the journal is US$175 for international subscribers and US$70 for local subscribers. Persons wishing to subscribe may do so online at or contact the office to sign up by other means.

Payment is required only after your paper has been accepted. Please visit our open access website at for further information.

The minimum order for reprints is 50 and the cost is dependent on the number of pages of the manuscript. One to four pages in black and white costs US$120, while five pages and above start from US$150. Colour reprints cost US$150.00 for one to four pages while five pages and above cost US$180.00. If reprints are required after an article has been accepted, kindly send an e-mail to with your order. Payment for reprint is by cheque, wire transfer or credit card.

Publication of an accepted article depends on a number of factors including the relevance of the article to upcoming (themed) issues, order in which the manuscript was accepted and subject matter.

The time interval varies and can range from a week to a year depending on prevailing factors including time taken to review the manuscript and time between review/reassessment and resubmission by authors. Reviewers are given four to six weeks within which to review articles.

The Journal is currently included in major abstracting and indexing services, including Elsevier (Embase and Scopus), EBSCO (Biography Reference Center, Biomedical Reference Collection: Corporate, Caribbean Search) and Clarivate Analytics, formerly the Intellectual Property and Science business of Thomson Reuters (Web of Science/Science Citation Index Expanded, SciSearch, Journal Citation Reports/Science, Current Contents/Clinical Medicine, Biological Abstracts (BIOSIS), BIOSIS Previews, Essential Science Indicators).

The West Indian Medical Journal is the official peer-reviewed scientific Journal published by the Faculties of Medical Sciences, The University of the West Indies. The Journal is truly international in scope, with author and editorial contributions from across the globe. The focus has been on clinical and epidemiological aspects of tropical and infectious diseases, new and re-emerging infections, chronic non-communicable diseases, and medical conditions prevalent in the Latin America-Caribbean region, and of significance to global health, especially in developing countries. The Journal covers all medical disciplines, as well as basic and translational research elucidating the pathophysiologic basis of diseases or focussing on new therapeutic approaches, and publishes original scientific research, reviews, case reports, brief communications, letters, commentaries and medical images. The Journal publishes six issues and six supplements annually. English is the language of publication but Abstracts are also duplicated in Spanish.

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