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Vol 66, Issue 4: 2017 (Special Issue on Sickle Cell Disease)


  • GR Serjeant, BE Serjeant
    There have been many developments in sickle cell care in Jamaica over the last 50 years. The clinic population has grown from 50–60 in the mid 60's to 5500, the staff serving sickle cell patients has increased from 2 to 28 with physicians, paediatricians, nurses, laboratory technologists, social worker, computer staff and statisticians. The physical facilities has improved greatly and the long thin paper strips with patient data employed by Ann Milner in the late 60's have evolved into a sophisticated electronic patient management system.

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Short Commentary

  • BF Morrison, P Hamilton, M Reid
    This report represents a retrospective case series of males with sickle cell disease who have recurrent episodes of ischaemic priapism and were being treated with hydroxyurea for other indications. We evaluated the changes in priapism episodes in these patients.

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