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An Assessment of Adolescent Satisfaction with Reproductive Primary Healthcare Services in the Eastern Cape Province, South Africa



Objective: To assess adolescents’ satisfaction with reproductive health services in Mdantsane Township, Eastern Cape Province, South Africa.

Method: A structured questionnaire was used to assess the levels of participants’ satisfaction with reproductive health services. The sample consisted of 200 adolescents within the ages of 16 to 19 years. A response of “yes” indicated that the person was satisfied with the specific item, while a response of “no” indicated dissatisfaction with that item. A spreadsheet was developed to analyse data obtained and 95% was used as a cut off rate to define an appropriate level of client satisfaction.

Results: Results indicated that adolescents were dissatisfied with reproductive health delivery at Mdantsane Township. Satisfaction responses on accessibility and confidentiality of services, options available to participants as well as staff friendliness fell below the stated cut off rate of 95%. From each item, the number of responses of satisfaction on reproductive health delivery at the primary health clinic was mostly below 89%.

Conclusion: In general, participants in this survey were dissatisfied with reproductive health services at the clinics at Mdantsane Township in the Eastern Cape Province.

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e-Published: 07 Oct, 2013
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