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Significance of Mutation in the D-loop Region in Cervical Cancer

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Aim: To investigate the mutation in the D-loop region of mitochondrial DNA in cervical cancer and its influence on the changes of reactive oxygen species (ROS) and cell cycle.

Methods: The D-loop region was amplified by PCR and sequenced. Reactive oxygen species and cell cycle were detected by flow cytometry in 40 specimens from cervical cancer and adjacent normal tissues. According to the sequence results, gastric cancer tissue was divided into mutation group and control group. Reactive oxygen species, apoptosis and proliferation in the two groups were compared.

Results: Among the 40 cervical cancer specimens, 21 mutations were identified in 12 patients, the mutation rate being 30%. There were four microsatellite instabilities in the mutations. No mutation was found in the adjacent tissues. Reactive oxygen species, apoptosis and proliferation in the mutation group were all significantly higher than those in the control group.

Conclusion: Mutation in the D-loop region plays a role in the genesis and development of cervical cancer.

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e-Published: 07 Oct, 2013
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