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Laparoscopic Cervicoisthmic Cerclage for the Treatment of Cervical Incompetence: Case Reports



Cervical insufficiency/incompetence occurs in 0.5−1% of all pregnancies, often resulting in significant pregnancy lost. Three women with a history of second trimester miscarriages after failed transvaginal cervical cerclages were reviewed. A laparoscopic cervicoisthmic cerclage (LCC) was placed before pregnancy without any intra-operative or postoperative complications. Two patients have since delivered live babies at term by Caesarean section. This small case series supports the conclusion that LCC is a safe and cost-effective procedure in properly selected patients. Laparoscopic cervicoisthmic cerclage costs less, is less invasive, has fewer complications and should replace the traditional laparotomy technique.

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e-Published: 05 Feb, 2014
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