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The Seventeenth Sir Harry Annamunthodo Memorial Lecture

Journal Authors: 
This is an emotional journey and a great honour for me to be invited to give this, the 17th Sir Harry Annamunthodo Memorial Lecture. As I tread gently along this well-trodden path, in the footsteps of 16 Caribbean giants of Jamaican Medicine, who preceded me in “apostolic succession”, I am conscious of my responsibility. I accept it with great trepidation but also with pleasure, gratitude and humility. Pleasure because I am returning home to Kingston on Tom Redcam’s “little Green Island, in far away seas”. And gratitude for being given the opportunity, though in my Second Life, to talk to my old friends and colleagues with whom I spent 25 years of my very happy working life. I feel humble as a stray sheep that wandered away all these years, and now returned to the fold with audacity, in colours of the opposition, The Royal College of Physicians, for whom I now work as a volunteer. I would like to thank the Association of Surgeons for their generosity and forgiveness.
e-Published: 06 Feb, 2014
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