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Spontaneous Early Recanalization after Acute Innominate Artery Thromboembolic Occlusion Secondary to Abrupt Aspirin and Statin Discontinuation: A Case Report



Statin and antiplatelet drugs are widely used for prevention of ischaemic stroke and other cardiovascular diseases in high-risk patients. We report a rare case of a 49-year old man with a history of myocardial infarction and hyperlipidaemia who suffered an acute occlusion of his innominate artery (IA) accompanied by subclavian steal syndrome and cerebral infarction, on day 7 after abrupt cessation of aspirin and statin, as confirmed by magnetic resonance and computed tomographic angiography of head and neck, and colour-coded Duplex ultrasonography (CCDU). Aspirin and atorvastatin were immediately re-started on admission. Spontaneous recanalization of IA was shown on repeat CCDU and digital subtraction angiography on day 10 after stroke onset. This case serves as a reminder that abrupt discontinuation of both aspirin and statin in patients with previous history of cardiovascular disease may increase the risk of ischaemic stroke. 

27 Sep, 2013
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e-Published: 02 Jul, 2014
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