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A Papilloma-like Atypical Gingival Enlargement Treated using Nd:YAG Laser Surgery: Report of a Case

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Gingival overgrowths can occur due to various factors, such as inflammation, or rarely without a reason and are significant in periodontology. Here, we describe the diagnosis and treatment of a 33-year old female with a papilloma-like atypical enlargement of the gingiva attached to the molar vestibular region of her lower jaw. After the patient’s medical history was taken and the clinical examination done, the enlargement was surgically removed with a Nd:YAG laser and evaluated histopathologically. There was an inflamed, oedematous and vascularized stroma with a thick spongy squamous epithelium layer. After six months, there were no problems at the surgical area and recurrence was not observed.

20 Jan, 2014
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e-Published: 03 Jul, 2014
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