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Is Laparoscopy for Non-palpable Testes a Well-known Entity?



Objective: Laparoscopy has been accepted as best diagnostic tool and suggested as the treatment of choice for non-palpable testes cases. However, its use in unilateral non-palpable testis case has previously been debated.

Methods: The clinical records of the non-palpable testes cases that were managed with laparoscopy between January 2011 and December 2013 were retrospectively reviewed.

Results: Laparoscopy was performed in 29 non-palpable testes cases. The cases were divided into three groups according to the laparoscopic findings. Orchiopexy was performed in cases with viable testes, and the internal inguinal ring was left open in these cases.

Conclusions: Laparoscopy provided definitive diagnosis and was helpful in the treatment of unilateral non-palpable testis cases. Leaving the internal inguinal ring open did not result in subsequent indirect inguinal hernia in our cases.

18 May, 2015
e-Published: 14 Aug, 2015


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