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Prımary Carcınosarcoma of the Ovary: A Report of Three Cases



We aim to present three cases of carcinosarcoma of the ovary, a rare tumor associated with an aggressive clinical course and overall poor prognosis. Ovarian  carcinosarcoma is a rare gynecologic malignancy that tends to develop in elderly women. These tumors are defined histologically by the presence of malignant  epithelial and stromal elements. They are associated with a poor prognosis. The optimal chemotherapeutic regimen to treat this tumor is yet to be  determined.  The ages of patients were 56, 62, 58 years. Three patients underwent a primary debulking surgery and adjuvant chemotherapy. After surgery, the  pathologic  examination reported a primary ovarian carcinosarcoma.  

29 Apr, 2015
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e-Published: 16 Oct, 2015


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