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Treating Children with Spinal Tuberculosis via Debridement with Allograft

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Objective: This work aims to investigate the efficacy of debridement for paediatric thoracolumbar spinal tuberculosis (TB) by using the anterior approach and the allogeneic bone graft.

Methods: The lesions of 16 children diagnosed with thoracolumbar spinal TB were exposed via the anterior approach. The pleura and peritoneum, granulation tissue, pus and dead bones with TB and the intervertebral disc with pathological changes and necrosis were completely removed. The anterior column of the spine was reconstructed using allogeneic bone graft from mothers ilium. The postoperative immobilization protection conferred by gypsum lasted from three to six months and the regular anti-TB treatment was given for more than a year.

Results: The follow-up procedure was completed within nine months to three years. All bone grafts of the 16 cases fused with no rejection, recurrence of pathology, deformity or paraplegia nor pseudarthrosis formation. The children had normal growth and development and were capable of living a normal life.

Conclusion: The lesions of spinal TB in children were removed via the anterior approach. The mothers’iliac bone was obtained to reconstruct the children’s anterior spinal column, thereby inducing new bone formation without affecting the growth and development of the children. The efficacy of debridement was adequate.

25 Mar, 2015
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e-Published: 10 Dec, 2015
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