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Possible Curative HIV Treatments



The HIV/AIDS pandemic has had significant impact on the health, livelihood and population of its human host. According to the website of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (1), there were 2.1 million new cases of HIV in 2013. In the same year, about 35 million people were living with HIV around the world and about 1.5 million of the persons living with AIDS died. Nearly 39 million people with AIDS have died worldwide since the epidemic began.

There have been advances in treatment which have improved the quality of life and the survival of persons living with HIV/AIDS. Unfortunately, a cure still eludes us.

This short document, which was conceptualized from as early as 2005, formulated in 2008, and now updated in terms of statistics, offers some logical and feasible therapeutic routes which may prove very beneficial in the race for a cure.

02 May, 2016
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e-Published: 09 Jun, 2016


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