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Efficacy Investigation of Transpostceliac Single-port 3-Channel Laparoscope in the Treatment of Complex Renal Cyst



Objective:This study aims to investigate the surgical method and long-term efficacy of transpostceliac single-port 3-channel laparoscope in the treatment of complex renal cyst.

Methods: A retrospective analysis was performed towards the 37 patients who underwent renal cyst unroofing decompression with single-port laparoscope from Jun. 2012 to Jul. 2013. The surgery was performed through the postceliac approach, a 2.5 cm incision was made 4-5 cm away from the iliac spine of midaxillary line, the Olympus single-port TriPort was then implanted, with the laparoscopic channel and the other two operation channels all as 5 mm. The operation was completed with the forceps and scissors which had flexible fronts.

Results: The cysts of the 37 patients were performed the appropriate surgical treatments according to their subtype grouping, on case was transferred to the open surgery, and there was no blood transfusion case. The operation time was 11-42 min, with the mean time as 23 min; the bleeding volume was 10-50 ml, with the mean volume as 26 ml; the postoperative follow-up was 1-6 months, and the ultrasound review did not find the recurrence of cyst; the postoperative lumbar scar was approximately 2.5 cm, and the patients could leave the bed and perform some acts on the exact day of the surgery; the hospitalization time was 1-2 d, with the average time as 1.2 d.

Conclusions: The efficacy of the transpostceliac single-port 3-channel laparoscope in the treatment of complex renal cyst was positive, with low recurrence rate, and worthy of further promotion.

25 Nov, 2015
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e-Published: 15 Feb, 2016


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