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The Effect of Body Awareness Therapy on Pain, Fatigue and Health-related Quality of Life in Female Patients with Tension-type Headaches and Migraine



Objective: To examine the effect of body awareness therapy on pain, fatigue and quality of life in women with tension-type headaches (TTH) and migraine.

Methods: Socio-demographic features of patients who are included in the study were recorded. Visual analogue scale was used for pain and fatigue severity scale was used for fatigue, Nottingham health profile (NHP) was used for life quality related to health. Following the first evaluation, body awareness therapy (BAT) was applied to patients for six weeks per 60 minutes in three sessions.

Results: Among patients with TTH, there was statistical difference between visual analogue scale, fatigue severity scale and total NHP score before and after BAT (p < 0.05). Among patients with migraine, there was statistical difference between total NHP score before and after BAT (p < 0.05).

Conclusion: Body awareness therapy is an effective method that can be used in order to increase life quality related to health among female patients with TTH and migraine.

04 Jan, 2016
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e-Published: 19 Feb, 2016
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