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Laryngeal Carcinoma Presenting with Cavernous Sinus Metastasis



Laryngeal carcinoma can metastasize to several locations among which neck is the most frequent. In this case report 53 years old patient who diagnosed with laryngeal carcinoma underwent total laryngectomy, total thyroidectomy and right radical neck dissection. Contralateral neck dissection was planned for three weeks later.  On the third postoperative week the patient developed VI and VII cranial nerve paralysis. The patient was given palliative chemoradiotherapy however, one year after the primary diagnosis and three months after the cavernous sinus metastasis he died. Despite the fact that the metastasis of the laryngeal carcinoma to the cavernous sinus is very rare, it has a very unfavorable prognosis

11 Sep, 2015
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e-Published: 02 Mar, 2016


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